Welcome to my website! This website is designed to educate, entertain and inform you about the latest happenings and events at Transitioning Families and Transitioning Beyond.

Most of you know Transitioning Families but fewer of you know Transitioning Beyond which is merely the educational arm of Transitioning Families. I am so excited to introduce you to the new concept of Connection Focused Therapy a polyvagal intervention. Don’t worry if the word “Polyvagal” scares you. If you stay tuned you will learn more about the principles of Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal research implemented in equine assisted interventions and my overall philosophy. I will be posting videos from time to time illustrating interesting concepts and yes even a few Chef Charles teaching videos. We will even have a few guest bloggers.

Lastly we invite interactions but please no political rants or bullying statements. This is above all intended to be a safe place for us all. 

Rebecca Bailey, PhD – Psy 18732
Founder/Director of Transitioning Families