About me

     My approach to therapy is highly client centered. I have 30 years of experience. Over the years, listening to individuals and families describe their desire to “feel safe”, “at peace”, and ‘’connected” has lead us to believe that you can move forward. Complex cases of abduction survivors and other victims of crimes and/or trauma often share the same language of feeling ‘stuck”,” unable to “problem solve” and “isolated”. Each story included a description of an internal state as well as an external reason. However, some of these same themes came through loud and clear with other less complex cases. We would hear over and over an expression of a perceived lack of feeling safe and comfortable in the world. This therapeutic approach is not for everyone. It is interactive and collaborative with the client.

     I believe in emphasizing the importance of understanding the impact we all have on each other and the importance of disconfirming beliefs and assumptions we have each made about our ability to feel safe, secure and resilient in an ever changing world.

     At the core of my life’s work has been about connections. I have found that experiential activities such as hiking, cooking together, playing games allows for powerful important connections. Animals, especially horses, are incorporated into the treatment and trainings to help underscore the importance of curiosity, compassion and communication. In Polyvagal terms coregulation is an important goal. Co-regulation is, in its simplest terms, the impact our nervous systems have on us, on each other and the importance of mutual regulation. To learn more about my connection to Stephen Porges and the Poly Vagal Theory click here.