As we maneuver through the latest challenge of the corona virus, we are reminded that we are indeed one world and one people. Each of us are connected to each other by a common thread, and that is our vulnerability. The word vulnerability is not intended to frighten or provoke anxiety.  It is instead a reminder that each of us impacts the other in ways that are not always evident. It may be that situations like the spread of this virus will bring to light the web that we are all connected by. Together we have been given a giant wake up call, a reminder of our responsibility to each other.  As the next few months unfold we will each need to take our own steps to keep us safe in whatever way we can. But as important are the steps we take to keep people around us safe. Yes, right now stay home when you are sick. Before this viral outbreak we only stayed home if the NyQuil and other medications didn’t work well enough to mask our symptoms . Perhaps, we should use this time to re-calibrate as a culture.  Compassion as a culture means we care enough if someone is sick to have them stay home and care for themselves. Stay home for the other person as much as for yourself. Maybe, just maybe, as a society we can begin a mutual understanding of the importance of caring for each other. Each of us impacts the other even when the impact is not immediately visible.

As important as physical safety is emotional safety. The ripple effect of spreading fear can be toxic and suffocating. In the case of fear it is our children who may be impacted in ways that are unseen. We need to be sure to spread a message of safety and security to younger generations. They need to hear that given time we will understand how to cure and stop the spread of this virus.  For now we are all committed to take every possible precaution to keep the germs from spreading. By now we all know what those precautions are: wash your hands, sneeze in your elbow, etc. As important as those precautions is the reminder that safety is felt as a visceral sense inside our bodies. We need to pay attention to it and soothe ourselves and others to avoid an emotional toll. As human beings we need to feel safe and connected to each other. Our children count on us for that message of safety and connection.